Oct 2020


by 卓 坂牛
  • 伊東豊雄さんが自選作品集を平凡社から出版された。建築専門じゃない出版社から自分が選んだ作品や記事を載せた自由な本である。伊東豊雄自伝とも言える内容に坂牛の仮説をぶつけた。胎内回帰願望はホワイトUに始まり台中で戻って来た。来年80とは思えない、菊竹譲りの狂気を垣間見た。12月15日JIAマガジンに掲載します。面白いですよ。

Toyo Ito published a collection of self-selected works from Heibonsha. It is a book of freedom with works and articles of his choice from publishers who are not specialized in architecture. I hit Sakaushi’s hypothesis on what could be called Toyo Ito’s autobiography. The desire to return to the womb began in White U and returned to Taichung. I got a glimpse of the madness of him passed from Kikutake, which I don’t think a man of 80 next year doesn’t have. It will be contained in JIA Magazine on December 15th. It’s interesting.



by 卓 坂牛


Zoom to Barcelona for 4 hours Finally the final check of the lay-out  of all pages is over. Requests are detailed, such as wanting to put more sectional details and so on. Next is the cover page. If it’s not very old, it’s vertical, and the title is easy to put in, it would be these three, wouldn’t it?



by 卓 坂牛


I am one of those who think book is something to read not to look at.  But Amazon’s insensitivity makes me sick of putting a barcode sticker in the middle of the cover of a new book and sending.


by 卓 坂牛








• We narrowed down proposal scheme to two.I I can’t find a factor that makes me to choose one.
• Construction of the third building on site cannot be started due to lack of funds related to corona. If you don’t build the third one, the external space will be strange, but there is nothing you can do about it.
• How to open the way to restrictions on the use of doctoral dissertation materials?

・ I’m waiting for a reply from a student who can’t get in touch with me, but they don’t come.

・ Emails to be returned are constantly accumulated. I’m sorry, but I can’t fix it.

・ Since I always think about the interviewees of JIA Magazine, I can’t decide until the last minute, and I end up strangling myself.

・ The work of the academic society is interesting. Probably because I’m only doing interesting things.