Oct 2021


by 卓 坂牛

Jean-Louis Cohenによる本書は2012年刊行で今最も包括的な近現代建築史ではなかろうか。500ページ近い厚さで、写真は全てカラーで大きい。著者曰くこれまでの有名な建築史の本は特定の建築家の応援歌的である。しかし歴史はそうではないだろうということでこの大部の書となっているが、これでも書き足りないと言っている。
Isn’t this book by Jean-Louis Cohen published in 2012 the most comprehensive modern and contemporary architectural history? With a thickness of nearly 500 pages, all the photos are large in color. According to the author, the famous architectural history books so far are cheering songs of a particular architect. But history has made this much of the book that it wouldn’t be, but he says it’s still not enough.


by 卓 坂牛

I went to Gaudi’s window exhibition and had Takeshi Yamamura explain it. It’s quite deep.

Sunday morning

by 卓 坂牛

日曜の朝は掃除洗濯で始まる。天気が良く爽やか!Sunday morning begins with cleaning and washing. The weather is nice and refreshing!


by 卓 坂牛


Today is the day of student presentations, but I noticed that the number of students was small and there was no presentation after the class started. So I decided to chat.
・ The company is not a place to stay, it is a place to hone yourself.
・ Respect parents, but decide your own life.
・ Do not do what you do not want to do
・ Become independent after graduation
I felt good about it and talked for 90 minutes and reflected on it. When I heard students` impression using the voting function, I was relieved to hear that everyone welcomed my life lessons. I will talk about the second one someday. Students may be hungry for such stories

Nishizawa studio

by 卓 坂牛


Mr. Yasuda of Tokyo Institute of Technology lamented that the graduate school has now become a job hunting preparation room. It is  same case in Tokyo University of Science and maybe everywhere, the number of people taking design studio  has dropped sharply. Two last year and six this year. However, the lessons are dense and fulfilling. Nishizawa Studio I’m glad to hear from TA that it’s very interesting.



by 卓 坂牛

Bachelor thesis season. This year, the master students first look at the summary of the thesis and the doctor students check them twice. Fortunately, the first abstract I received last night was so readable that I couldn’t put red in it. Unbelievable I hope everything will be like this.